Saturday, June 27, 2009

Week 4 and my final entry for a chance to be a GD on SCRAP THAT

Ok week four really did sneak up on me! I came home from work yesterday to find DH happily painting my entry way / hallway! This is what happens when you leave him home alone. It did need to get done and im gratefull that he has taken on the challenge however that is taking alot of our time right now and with Gs bday quickly approching we have no TIME! oh did I mention 19 adults and 12 kids will be at my house for Gs bday party!? yes thats right we are having BBQ and everyone and thier brother, cousin, grandparent, aunt and uncle is comming!

Ok so without furthur ado i reveal my Final Entry for the Scrap That contest to be a guest designer for the Scrap That Team. Check them out.. join thier social network you can click on the blinky on the right there.. on my page !

So here is the Challenge!! check em out go shopping !! happy saturday !


  1. Hi Sharon,
    I've linked your blog as one of my favs for the Lemonade Stand award. You can stop by my blog to pick up the award. Thanks for all the great inspiration!

  2. This really looks nice. Good luck!

  3. I saw this on the boards. I'm addicted to coffee myself, not starbucks but pretty much ANY coffee, I cannot go without it