Saturday, January 23, 2010

Friday Night Workshop night :)

Oh how I have missed my girls :) love you all so !
here is our layout that we did last night (friday).

And here are my Peeps in my scrappy place !

The holidays have totally ran me over and I am so happy to have my Scrappy Room back together :) Little G is not sleeping through the nights ( 30 months old ) any suggestions :0 gesh i've tried it all, he just wants a snuggle, or socks on, or a book, or the blankets back on, or a drink etc etc etc .. you see my problem :). He goes down at 7:30 sharp without a hitch, but 1 or 2 or 3am night calls are driving me CRAZY ! but hes cute! and I love him. I get a little crazy and thats why I love teaching and creating :). Thanks to my pal J shes so good to me and helps me with little G when I need her, or plain old comes over to just keep me company :)

-- my boys

HOpe you all have a great day ! thanks for stoppin by ! ps.. suggestions are welcome to help momma get some sleep!

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