Saturday, August 17, 2013


Hi all.  Been a while for sure I'm trying to post as much as I can.   But life gets in the way. 

It's been a little over a week so it's time : it's been only a week and my heat still aches.  My Dad passed away on August 7th and it's a tough road to travel but I've learned a lot though this.     And that's all I try to do when I face a difficult situation. I will always truly to learn from it.  Here is what I learned. :  
1 -life is short!    That's it right.  Life is too short to hold stuff against others.  I recently reunited with my high school beat friend an a brother who I haven't spoken to in 15 years.   Yes 15 crazy eh ! There obviously are reasons for this but right now at this time this does not matter !   I have two beautiful nieces  and will try to be the best aunt ever !   Starting with a scrappy day booked with the eldest next week !  I love having nieces ! Yah me!  

2- my high school friend.  I learned how to accept an apology.  An of coarse give one.  If you know me u will know that this is one thing I cannot do easily.  Accepting that I was wrong is something that I will have to work on!  And going forward I will try.  Looking forward to many more years with this girl for sure! 

At my Dads funeral I heard many comments on how my dad was never judgmental and always kind to everyone. This I knew as my Dad was extremely kind and caring towards me but it was nice to hear from others too.   That said: 

3- I am pledging to my Dad wherever he is to be as open as I can and learn from his example.   Just sad that he personally couldn't see me doing this and that he couldn't personally see me realize that all year years he was right.   But hopefully he's with us in spirit !  

My message is do not wait! Life is too short as my BFF says and these are words I now live by! 

Onto some crafty stuff.    It was my friends sons 16th bday yesterday and I made this:  

It's the simple stories I (heart) summer line :). Everyone loved it! I hope u do as well.   

And another just for fun: 

I'm lovin the sunglasses.   Made by me with my silhouette :).  

Well night all!  


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