Saturday, May 2, 2009

May Challenge

Here is my submission to Sarahs May Challenge from the social community at Scrap That. check out the fun.. and hey why not join you can click on the gaget that i have on the right .. or click here guaranteed you will be inspired everyday by these ladies.. ! im having a blast there.
Have a great Saturday !! i know that i am!



  1. Wow that is a gorgeous Layout!!

  2. Hey you!! Carrie here from 52 sketches - thought I recognized that layout! Great site!!! I have thought about starting a blog too...especially after the last issue of Keynotes. I'll be keeping an eye on yours! Any thoughts on how I could start my own? Things you have learned? Take Care!

  3. Hey Carrie! its super simple!
    all you do is click on the top right corner on my blog where u see create and get creative ..
    i though that it would be hard but i love it!
    and then there are many sites that offer backgrounds for free .. i like the one ihave (top left corner) if you need help email me !