Friday, May 8, 2009

Multi Media Artwork

So ive been busy this week making these 2 beautiful pieces of art for my home. Happy Mothers Day to my by DH .. :) thanks! 2 evenings at the studio is just what I needed!

Thank you to Jenna from A Fine Mess here in Barrhaven !
I often frequent her store check her out at and she had a similar canvass and when I saw it i knew that this was something that i would want to do .. forward 3 years I found myself last Saturday booking some studio time to make my masterpieces .. now they did not turn out as pretty as Jennas work of art .. masterpiece i think .. but I must say .. these are definately going up on my wall right above my couch in the main floor living room!

I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do !
ps.. little G likes them too .. "ook mommie birdie ook .. ook daddy mommies birdies.. wow pretty"

he he

night all !


  1. That canvas is great! I have been looking at doing one with "scraps" sometime - just need to work up the courage!

  2. Carrie! its too easy..:) you have to do it! you will be so happy with yourself!